Micron Pendelleuchten sind bekannt für das vorzügliche Italienische Design und Qualität der Details. Letzte Micron Pendelleuchten präsentieren das mundgeblasene Glas von Capri, New Mox wesentliche Design, gewundene Linien von Swing und Moweflügel Design 


Swing Long M4636

LED-Hängeleuchte Wave

Swing led sine wave 3 lights original design by Micron. Swing aluminium pendant luminare 3 waves design, catch the eyes at first sight and was inspired by the magical city of Venice seen from the water reflected. Swing beauty lies in its perfectly curved and intertwined waves. Swing is a suspended led fixture fascinating for its soft lines even when is turned off. swing smooth led waves create an alluring imaginary wave effect where ever placed. Swing diffuser is a white striped graphic pattern on matt acrylic that enhances the visual effect while the soft but powerful led light shine brightly from all angles due to the dynamic wave design. Swing aluminium led hanging luminare is fitted with 2 waves  lighting downwards and 1 wave upwards for direct and indirect lighting . Swing hanging lamp is dimmable and led power is 72w. Swing pendant light is anodized nickel finished and lamp body measures 155 x 17 cm  with 160 cm hanging height. This model is ip40 rated. Swing, a new indoor skyline.

Dimensioni Lampadina Colore