Micron Pendelleuchten sind bekannt für das vorzügliche Italienische Design und Qualität der Details. Letzte Micron Pendelleuchten präsentieren das mundgeblasene Glas von Capri, New Mox wesentliche Design, gewundene Linien von Swing und Moweflügel Design 


Still Pendelleuchte

Still Pendelleuchte

Still crystal pendant lamp design by Micron has a solid faceted crystal diffuser shaped like a gem that enhances the precious light to sparkle with great charme. Still pendant luminaire is a sparkling faceted jewel with a lighted heart. Still crystal diffuser is solid hand-made crystal and it brings an extraordinary visual effect even when turned off.  Still pendant light is finished with a shiny chrome metal structure. thanks to the faceted crystal cut Still ceiling diffuser reflects the light from its center to illuminate preciously the space all around. Still crystal light diameter is 10 cm  and hanging height is 170 cm. Still grinded crystal suspended light brings an extraordinary effect of precious reflection in the entire environment. Still pendant lamp inspires enchantment and emotions like a jewelry revisited with a contemporary twist. Still hanging light is fitted for 1 x g9 bulb. compatible bulb for energy saving. (bulb is not included). the lamp is more efficient with a light bulb of energy class a. Still crystal lights, desirable as a jewel...