Micron Pendelleuchten sind bekannt für das vorzügliche Italienische Design und Qualität der Details. Letzte Micron Pendelleuchten präsentieren das mundgeblasene Glas von Capri, New Mox wesentliche Design, gewundene Linien von Swing und Moweflügel Design 

- NICE 4134

Nice Pendelleuchte 2 Leuchten

Nice Pendelleuchte 2 Leuchten, 2 x 160W R7s 118mm

NICE STYLISH SWIVELLABLE 2 ARMS HANGING LAMP DESIGN BY MICRON. NICE SWING ARM PENDANT LIGHT IS perfect for illuminating modern surroundings and creating a glowing ambience. NICE DIRECTIONAL TASK LIGHT HAS a pyrex SAFETY glass DIFFUSER, half WIRE-MESHED WITH A SATIN WHITE FINISH. nice silkscreened diffuser are supported by a SWIVELLING arms metal structure. NICE ADJUSTABLE hanging lluminaire is fitted for 2 x R7s 118 mm halogen bulb (NOT INCLUDED).Compatible bulb for energy saving. NICE pendant LAMP measures 68 cm in height and 120 cm opening width. NICE 2 arms suspended luminaire is IP40 rated.

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