Micron Pendelleuchten sind bekannt für das vorzügliche Italienische Design und Qualität der Details. Letzte Micron Pendelleuchten präsentieren das mundgeblasene Glas von Capri, New Mox wesentliche Design, gewundene Linien von Swing und Moweflügel Design 


Millerighe pendelleuchten M7680

Attractive range of lamps featuring slim squared led sticks that can be turned to create new figures, suggestions o even a new language.

Just like in a modern inspired ikebana composition the thin lighted sticks of MILLERIGHE can be adjusted to create a unique light that can be controlled by a dimmer hanging lamp with 8 or 6 intertwined, straight pieces float in the air to fit harmoniously into the room. 

The lighted stems (8mm) may be moved as desired simply rotating around their stem to create different accents and visual suggestions.

Following your own inspiration Millerighe celebrates the modern age with its lighted ideograms, icons of a new light language .


Dimensioni Lampadina